The Pizza Gourmet has taken its successful secret and finally offered it to the public!  Our pizza crust is first proofed in blended extra virgin olive oil and then WOOD GRILLED over 100% Canadian maple lump hard wood at temperatures of 1200-1500 degrees.  Each pizza crust is hand made by real human beings and cooked with care over our custom made WOOD  burning grills.

Be a Chef with out all the hard work!!

These pizza crusts take the hard work out of making a grilled pizza.  All you need is a grill or oven, some ingredients, and in 4-6 minutes, you have a gourmet grilled pizza for your family and friends with no hassle and we let you take all the credit!

Our pizza crusts are available retail as well as wholesale so they are not hard to find, whether you want them for your home or your business!  Please click here to view our retail locations!




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